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The 765 is at White’s Farm Flea Market and Auctioneers.

Cincinnati resident Tina Neely has recently launched her first children’s book, “Bacon Loves Everyone.” The story’s star is a potbelly pig named “Bacon,” originally from Franklin County. The plot is based on the day Tina and her husband purchased Bacon after visiting White’s Farm Flea Market in Brookville.
When the Neely’s brought Bacon home, they expected him to stay small. However, that wasn’t the case. Tina, who affectionately refers to herself as Bacon’s mom, shared, “Bacon surprised everyone by growing and growing and growing some more, from an expected 30 pounds to a whopping 350 pounds.”
Bacon is now almost seven. Although he started out as a house pig, the Neely’s quickly discovered he preferred the outdoors. Now, Bacon lives in a corn crib with the chickens. Despite his size, Bacon is a gentle giant who loves spending time with his family and friends.
“He is more than just a pig—he’s a lovable member of the family,” Tina said. “But don’t let his size fool you; in his heart, he’s still a cuddly lap pig. His favorite pastime is hanging out with the chickens and blending with his feathered friends. Especially a chicken named Eggs.”
Bacon’s charming personality has won over not only his family and feathered friends but also his neighbors, who he eagerly anticipates visiting.
“Bacon’s eyes light up when the neighbor boys, Caleb and Champ, arrive with a bucket of leftover goodies,” Tina said. “His favorites? Anything with strawberries, pizza, or cake with icing. The excitement in his oinks is sheer delight as he eagerly awaits his treats, his way of saying, “Thank you, friends!”
“Bacon Loves Everyone” is a hardback picture book described as “A delightful Christian children’s book about Bacon-Bits, a flea market piglet, and his quest for a forever family. This author and illustrator brings a tale that’s a heartwarming blend of faith, love, and belonging. Perfect for young readers and the whole family, it’s more than a story―it’s a journey that teaches kindness and compassion. Embrace this beautiful tale and let Bacon-Bits’ adventure inspire your home.”
“Like the real Bacon, Bacon in the story is quite the chatterbox, conveying his desires,” Tina said. “With his heartwarming expression, when he serenades you with a chorus of “Oink Diddy, Oink Diddy, Oink, Oink, Oink!” That’s Bacon’s way of saying, “I love you!”
White’s Farm Flea Market is located at 6032 Holland Road, 3 miles south of Brookville.

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